EA Sports has done it, making what we believe will be one of the most realistic snowboard video games of all time. The new SSX: Deadly Descents game unfortunately will not be released until January of 2012 but the trailer itself will give you a dosage of hype that you cannot get from any other snowboard game out on the market right now. The first shots make you second guess if you are watching a movie or a video game trailer. The details are so precise…from the logos and metal edges on their boards to the reflection of the avalanche in their goggles, this game is at a whole new level. The terrain is even designed from Topology data of the Earth’s mountains, to be as accurate as possible. The graphics make you feel like this game is really your reality. “A modern-day reinvention of a critically acclaimed franchise, SSX returns packing adrenaline and reality-defying gameplay into every moment. Race, trick, and survive the world’s most iconic mountain ranges. Defy Reality. Own the Planet with SSX.” – EA Sports. If you have a love for snowboarding videogames or even just a slight interest this is definitely one that you will want to have in your collection.