The last two years this competition has taken place in Torino, Italy and Hamburg, Germany. This year all you U.K. skaters better get ready because the Vans Downtown Showdown is coming to London! The event will take place on Saturday, August 20th 2011 at the Old Spitalfields Market, East London. The competition that is well known for it’s creative and very original formats will be more authentic than ever this year with a murky London setting. Vans Germany describes it best, in so much detail that you can really visualize the originality of it all- “Inspired by all the stories of one of Europe’s major historic Cities, you can expect to see some very special ramps to be built. Suffice to say, the spirit of the Ripper will be resurrected and features are going to be haunting, dark and of deathly inspiration. But it’s not only the Ripper that comes to mind, think Victorian Era, Cobbled streets, Sherlock Holmes, Gas Lamps, Gothic Churches, Pubs and Ales, The Royal Family, Oliver Twist and The Thames… the wealth of inspiration to draw from seems endless. ”
Many of the top pros will be present from companies such as Death Skateboards, Element Europe, Antiz, Superdead, Cliché, Blind Europe and many more. The combined prize total is 50’000 Euros. If that doesn’t get you ladies stoked to show off your skills, I’m not sure what will.