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W Magazine caught up with one of the worlds most accomplished and progressive female snowboarders of her time, Gretchen Bleiler, (silver medal at 2006 Torino Olympics) about her skin care, make up, and hair routine in her daily life. She talks about everything from her favorite eyeliner (Clinique’s Cream Shaper in Brown Sugar) to her deep conditioner from Pureology and most importantly, her essential oils that she keeps in her pocket before a competition to help relax her nerves (lavender is her favorite). Gretchen also wears her signature lip balm from Mission Skincare, a company that she co-founded, which makes products out of natural, high quality ingredients that are good for your skin and for the environment. In the interview she talks about only wearing sunscreen on her face while she rides since foundations and tinted moisturizers rub off on her neck warmer. She does however like to look good just like the rest of us, so she does wear mascara, eyeliner and a little dab of color on her eyelids. So read the article ladies, and take note on what is more important while you are out in the sun riding – Sunscreen protection? Or foundation that will just rub off anyway?