Photo Cred: Transworld Surf

Transworld Surf’s Justin Cote describes best how they concluded the Top 10 Hottest Girls in Pro Surfing these days…enjoy! 

“In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a changing of the guard in women’s professional surfing. Out with the old—in with the new as the saying goes. With the new crop of talented girls coming in, we (finally) say goodbye to the Layne Beachley’s of the world and usher in Alana, Bruna, Steph and crew—more talented and definitely easy on the eyes if you catch our drift. The following list, assembled after long debates and plenty of parking lot banter, was assembled following these qualifications: does she rip? And does she look good doing so? While some are more on the rip side and others on the sexy side, we feel both sides of the spectrum are represented and did our best to not come off as total sexist pigs—not the easiest thing in the world to do for this bunch. As always, we trust you’ll rip into some pretty heated debate in the comment box, just one thing, keep it clean—we don’t need any pissed off dad’s/boyfriends/sponsors beating down the door to TWS.”—Justin Cote

Pro Surfers they chose include: Alana Blanchard, Laura Enever, Bruna Schmitz, Anastasia Ashley, Stephanie Gilmore, Karina Petroni, Sally Fitzgibbons, Erica Hosseini, Coco ho and Christa Alves. 

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