Photo Cred: BlackBoxDist.

Even though the Women’s Vert was taken away from X Games this year, that didn’t stop the core riders from skating the street course and owning it respectively. After throwing it down like one of the guys and at a final score of 88.00, Marisa Dal Santo riding for Zero Skateboards took the Gold medal and knocked previous X Games gold medalist, Alexis Sablone into the Silver position with a score close to Dal Santo’s at 84.33. Volcom and Osiris shoes rider, Leticia Bufoni came in with the bronze medal at 78.00.

Full results are as follows:

1st Marisa Dal Santa (88.00)
2nd Alexis Sablone (84.33)
3rd Leticia Bufoni (78.00)
4th Elissa Steamer (64.66)
5th Jessica Florencio (63.00)

Round 1 Group 1A
1st Marisa Dal Santo (83.33)
2nd Leticia Bufoni (80.00)
3rd Rachel Reinhard (74.33)
4th Eliana Sosco (63.33)
5th Vanessa Torres (53.33)

Round 1 Group 1B
1st Alexis Sablone (83.66)
2nd Jessica Florencio (79.33)
3rd Elissa Steamer (75.33)
4th Candy Jacobs (75.33)
5th Amy Caron (62.66)