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Team Rider Desiree Melancon Photo Cred: TWS
Salomon Snowboards and Bonfire Snowboarding have always been teamed up with their brands – but this year they are more of a team than ever, having just launched their 2011/12 website TOGETHER. Their new website really shows what it means to have style and organization in a very unique, inviting way. When you first go to Salomonsnowboards.com, you will see it has the same layout as Bonfiresnowboarding.com – and a choice to click on the Salomon or Bonfire banners. Blue or Red. but each website has it’s own related content to it, with some information crossing over. When you click on the Team page you will see the “red/blue” icon in the corner of the team riders image, which will tell you if they ride for Bonfire, which is known for their red color, Salomon which is known for their ocean blue color, or both. We went through the new products and checked out Salomon’s new Snowboard Women’s line, check out our recommendations in our Reviews section and look out for Bonfire Outerwear to be in the section this upcoming week!