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The first definition of Yoga in the dictionary is “a school of Hindu philosophy advocating and prescribing a course of physical and mental disciplines for attaining liberation from the material world and union of the self with the Supreme Being or ultimate principle. “ After reading that you are probably thinking, “Wow, that sounds like a mumbo jumbo of something that I could never understand” which is far from the truth. Yoga is a basic principle of calming the mind or “de-stressing” yourself and becoming aware of who are and everything around you – living in the moment opposed to being taken over by material objects. People who practice yoga do so for a variety of reasons, which is evident by the many different styles of yoga offered. Many people practice for the spirituality associated with yoga and the connection they feel with themselves and their world.  Others practice to get in shape and feel great about who they are while enjoying more energy in their daily lives. And of course, many yogis practice for both these reasons and more!

Burton Snowboards team rider and Olympic Gold Medalist Hannah Teter is a prime example of the benefits that come from yoga. With her positive attitude, a healthy body and mind and a willingness to give to others, Hannah has been able to continue her efforts to help those in need around the globe. Through her charity Hannah’s Gold, Hannah is able to help provide children with safe drinking water in Kirindon, Kenya and to raise awareness of other needs in the community. She shows how important a healthy, active lifestyle goes hand in hand in helping reach personal goals. Hannah lives in a world of yoga, meditation, organic food, a vegetarian lifestyle and a love for others around the globe. With Hannah and her positive vibes, she is by far one of the strongest role models for girls out there today, and not just in the snowboard industry either!