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Sophie Friedl telling her experience in Afghanistan. Photo credit: Alba Pardo

Like we had posted a couple weeks ago, Women in Boardsports just wrapped up in Saas Fee, Switzerland for it’s third consecutive year. 35 ladies joined in for the retreat this year and couldn’t be more stoked. You can check their blog for daily updates on everything that they have experienced.

Deb Freeman, Global Brand Manager at Nike 6.0 kicked off the first day. She is one of the people responsible for the “Leave A Message” campaign that Nike 6.0 launched earlier this past year, and is also a passionate snowboarder. Anne-Flore Marxer, arguably one of the best, most progressive female professional snowboarders around, gave an inspiring and heartfelt speech on her accomplishments in her life, how she is very active in fair compensation when it comes to females in snowboard competitions around the world, and how you will succeed if you just never give up. Mimi Knoop, professional skaterboarder, also gave a speech about her opinion on women in skateboarding today, making quite an impression for everyone in the crowd.

Those are just a couple of the speakers that shared their insights and knowledge at the retreat on the first day. There are many more amazing women in the boardsports industry, some business-women, some athletes, some life coaches – but they all show how more balanced and well rounded you are with your life, the easier it is to follow your passions.