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Peepshow Productions is a crew of friends that wanted to bring everything to the table that was lacking in the female snowboard community. They are made up of 17 riders, everyone from Burton team rider Gabi Viteri to Bonfire/Salomon rider Desiree Melancon, to Volcom and Nike rider Bryn Valaika and so many more. Peepshow says it best when describing who they really are: “We are not filmmakers who snowboard, we are snowboarders who film.”

Peepshow just won the best “Lo-Fi” award from ESPN for their new film “Winter Wars” which was released this fall. ESPN explains what the award is all about. “It’s the movie that is most like finding Slayer on Vinyl in the middle of a DVD store.” For this film they hit every gnarly spot out there – From Quebec to AK to the cities of Minnesota – these chicks show where the secret spots are at (just not how to get to them!).

Melissa Larsen with ESPN Action Sports wrote an amazing article on the film and about what snowboard films have transitioned to over the years – comparing films like “The Art of Flight” to low-budget videos such as “Winter Wars” and Videograss’ “Ransack Rebellion” and discusses how both are so important to have in this world. You couldn’t have one without the other, there would be no progression. Peep here to read it.