The brand new women’s community site, BurtonGirls.com – produced and run by Burton Snowboards, has now launched! Girls from all over the globe have been waiting for this day, and we are definitely some of them over here at Snow.Skate.Surf.Style. The site has a very unique, but simple design. You will see that it is broken down into 5 categories: Snowboarding, Travel, Health & Beauty, Style & Culture, and Apres. It is also broken down into different contributors that Burton has for the site:

The Team: Which are all women that ride for Burton on their Pro Snowboard team. Hannah Teter, Gabi Viteri, Kelly Clark, Linn Haug,and many more!
Burtonistas: These are friends of Burton Snowboards that live and breath the snowboard industry, and love to write. Some names that may be familiar include Zanna Roberts Rassi – Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire, Jasmine Solano – Very well known DJ (she’s amazing, seriously…google her right now), and the Barefoot Contessa from the Food Network, Actress Joy Bryant, and our very own Editor, Jessie Wade from Snow.Skate.Surf.Style, to name a few!
ShopGirls: Basically rad girls that work at shops across the globe that do a killer job and make a great impression on Burton and everyone around them.
Inner Voice: The inner workings of some of the Burton Employees. Including some of the minds behind the website, the women’s Team Manager, the Marketing Coordinator, PR Director, and Donna Carpenter herself, the Co-Owner of Burton Snowboards ( the wife of Founder, Jake Burton).

So head over to BurtonGirls and see what everyone is up to!

And check out this video from the Pre-Launch Party at Milk Studios in NYC earlier this month. Team riders and contributors explain really well what the site is all about!