Definition of Stoked:
: being in an enthusiastic or exhilarated state.
This is why the creators of the online community – Stokedcamps.com –  where you can go to find the best surf camps around the world, chose their name. To get people stoked. As they state in their “About” section of their website, “Stokedcamps is a haven for all surfers and for those who are interested in this amazing sport.We are hardcore surfers and know, how hard it is to find comprehensive surfcamps on theinternet. This is why we have created Stokedcamps!”
Stokedcamps makes it so easy to maneuver around the site and find places to go ride. Their visual way of creating the website is so amazing, we haven’t seen anything like this before. You start off by clicking on a continent that you are interested in, from there you click on a country that offers surfcamps. You then will see a list of different places to go – the places’ names, locations, photos, descriptions of the towns, etc. They even tell you the best months to go surf at each place! They also have a Guides section where you can learn more in depth about different countries and areas to surf at- such as Costa Rica and Bali/Indo.
You can sign up for free and rate different places that you have been to, or you can check out the Shop section with books, movies and music. They even have a blog that they update about everything involving the surf! What more could you ask for? Head over to Stokedcamps.com right now and take in all of their knowledge.