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Photo Cred: Susie Floros, Burtongirls.com

Eight ladies were invited to compete in the 16th annual X Games Super Pipe competition. Kelly Clark, Kaitlyn Farrington, Elena Hight, Gretchen Bleiler, Hannah Teter, Torah Bright, Xuetong Cai and Maddy Schaffrick.

Kelly Clark has won her last 12 competitions and is hoping on this one being her lucky 13. Last year at the X Games she became the first women to land a 1080 in a competition, and is a two time Olympic medalist. She won the Gold in 2002 at SLC and the Bronze in 2010 at Vancouver. Hannah Teter will have a big day as well, as it is her 25th birthday tomorrow, and she will be celebrating after the runs tonight – which will be starting late at 9pm. Hannah has numerous medals from the past X Games and is also a two time Olympic medalist. She won the Gold in 2006 and Silver at Vancouver in 2010. Check out ESPN’s list of X Games Athletes for this year and read more about Gretchen Bleiler, Torah Bright, Kaitlyn Farrington and Elena Hight in their bios section. All of these girls competiting are amazing athletes and great role models. We wish them the best!!

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