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 Heather Brown’s art offers a unique perspective of the
beauty of nature, only in the way that a true surfer could. Her art is filled with bright colors, waves, flowers, birds, and surfers. Her artwork makes you smile, and even if just for a moment, feel the warmth of the sun and the energy of the ocean.
Now you can incorporate Heather Brown’s art into your wardrobe, as part of Rip Curl’s Artist of the Search Collection.  Even better- wear your favorite Heather Brown prints in organic cotton and recycled materials.
Heather was born in California and has spent the last decade
living and creating art on the islands of Hawaii. She studied at the
University of Hawaii at Manoa where she learned to surf while refining her art. The two came together, making for colorful paintings, posters, and clothing.
Heather first collaborated with Rip Curl to create a women’s
clothing line as an ‘Artist of the Search’ in Europe. Her artwork can also be
found on Jack Johnson’s concert posters and merchandise, the Women’s Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing artwork and merchandise, featured in surfing magazines, and Wyland galleries.
As a surfer and lover of nature, Heather wants to promote
preservation and restoration through her art. She hopes that her art,
expressing the beauty of nature, will inspire others to Malama ‘Aina, or ‘carefor the land’.
Check out Heather Brown Art and visit your local Rip Curl store to
pick up Heather’s art-to-wear.