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As of March 1st, Etnies launched their brand new website – ‘clean’ and ‘fresh’ are the name of the game with this one. The new layout makes it easy to move around the pages and look at everything from the new Women’s Spring 2012 line, to learning about their collections such as Autism Speaks, Keep A Breast, Eco-Friendly or Vegan to checking out the guys on the snow, skate and surf teams (come on ladies, you can’t deny it). We’re not only hyped on the new, clean, simple interface of the site – but on the Spring ’12 line in general. The colors are bright, yet down to earth with a beach style, which is perfect for the typical Etnies girl.

Along with the new collection, we are beyond stoked about the “Buy A Shoe, Plant A Tree” collection (also known as BASPAT). It is literally what it states it is: Buy a pair of shoes, and a tree will be planted. The collection features shoes that are also in their Eco collection, and that happen to be Vegan as well.

Read further to learn about the Buy A Shoe, Plant A Tree Collection:

“At the beginning of 2011, etnies’ consumers got involved in reforesting the rainforest through the Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project with the goal of planting thousands on the Maleku reserve in northern Costa Rica. By the end of 2011, etnies had planted nearly 35,000 trees!

The etnies Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree collection includes the men’s Jameson 2 Eco, kids Jameson 2 Eco and girl’s Caprice Eco. For every pair of these shoes made, etnies will plant a tree in the rainforest. Much of the Earth’s rainforests have been destroyed as a result of farming over the last 80 years and etnies hopes to help reverse the devastation.

Trees in rainforests grow faster and absorb more CO2 than anywhere else in the world! The current etnies Rainforest will absorb approximately 6,930 tons of CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere throughout the trees’ lifetime. To put it visually, this represents 465,051,360 etnies shoe boxes worth of CO2, placed end-to-end and wrapped around the Earth more than three and a half times.” – Etnies 

Support our Globe while you support your feet! Purchase a pair of the collection here.