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Boarders Without Borders is a film that follows three professional American snowboarders on a journey to the uncharted yet world class mountains of Iran. Over the course of the film they befriend Iranian youth snowboarders and exchange with them their love of the sport. It is here that they will explore their shared passion that transcends the cultural divide, creating an understanding between two seemingly disparate nations.”

Here is a short video with professional snowboarders Hannah Teter and Gabi Viteri, sharing their positive outlooks on snowboarding out in the Alboraz Mountains in Iran and what the sport means to them. And more importantly, how snowboarding can help connect us with other cultures around the world despite the current political views that everyone has – we don’t need to let those opinions stand in our way of helping one another out and making friends.

Boarders Without Borders | Hannah & Gabi Talk Iran from Agency|2.0 on Vimeo.

Make sure to also head over to ESPN to peep the trailer for the actual video, which is set to be released in Spring 2013.

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