Element Eden – A Brand That Is Making A Difference (07.23.11)

– Edtor: Jessie Wade 

Element Eden was created by Kori Schillereff; Element Founder Johnny Schillereff’s wife, to give a style to the girls who don’t necessarily skate, but have a passion for the lifestyle and brand in itself. Being the first legitimate girls skateboard clothing line, Element received it’s lack of support from the inner industry itself and plenty of criticism when they turned Element team rider Vanessa Torres pro. Torres ended up becoming a world champion in the skate industry as well as becoming the first female to have a signature pro-model board.

The true nature of the Element Eden apparel is all about making a positive difference in ones’ lives, whether you are doing a sport or not, hanging out with friends or just studying at a coffee shop by yourself. It’s all about feeling comfortable, confidant and staying down to earth with your own style.
Element Eden has become so successful over the years thanks to their Advocates for the company, which include a talented team of artists, musicians, environmentalists, designers, skaters, social activists and more. These inspiring individuals work together to create timeless, unique designs while keeping the organic simplicity of the brand to it’s roots. Element Eden is one of the world’s leading women’s youth lifestyle brands, based in Southern California, US, they are constantly redefining what it means to truly make a difference in this world through art and style.
“Element Eden was born from the desire to make a difference. Based around the advocate program, our mission is to inspire girls to follow their own path and to find a different perspective from the old standard. Genuine, creative, and passionate, Element Eden lets you express yourself without saying a word. You are what you wear because you wear what you are.” – Element. Live.Learn.Grow.

Check out the teaser for Element Eden’s self-titled short film titled “Eden”…
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B4BC (07.08.11) – Editor: Jessie Wade 

Boarding 4 Breast Cancer. They are a non-profit organization focusing on educating young women, raising awareness about breast cancer and how living a healthy, active lifestyle will help with prevention of this disease. You can read about how they became one of the most well known charities in the snowboard, skateboard, and surf industries, as well as learn about what they believe in and what they do to help others around the world to fight their battles with Breast Cancer, at their website.

Over the years B4BC has grown and have found amazing female riders from all around the world to help support  the charity and spread the word about Breast Cancer to young girls that look up to them . Snowboarders Elena Hight, Hana Beaman, Hannah Teter, Tara Dakides and Barrett Christy are on the team, as well as Surfers Claire Bevilacqua and Mary Osborne and not to forget Skateboarders Holly Lyons, Lauren Perkins, Lyn-Z Adams-Hawkins and Mimi Knoop. Check out their profiles at the Team Page of their website.

“To me, it means helping women that I know and some I never will know. It’s about letting them know they aren’t alone, that there are people, a lot of people in fact, who care about them.” – Hana Beaman

Make sure to check out the “Shop” section as well, where you can purchase different t-shirts and accessories made by many of the different supporting companies in the industry, or you can purchase a B4BC bracelet for $2 to show your support for the cause. They also have a link to all of the companies and retailers that sell products to benefit B4BC. Many of those companies and retailers hold events every year to help give back to the cause, and to spread the word about how early detection and an active lifestyle can save peoples’ lives. Some of those supporting companies include: Skullcandy, Etnies, Circa, Volcom, Electric, K2, Bonfire, Salomon, Nixon, Burton, Spy, Reef, Anon, Betty Rides, Billabong, Element Eden, Von Zipper, DC, Matix, Roxy, DVS and many, many more.

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Beck(y) Sk8bags  (06.28.11) – Editor: Jessie Wade

Clutch bag – photo cred:

The easiest way to describe beck(y) sk8bag products is recycled skateboard functional art. Beck Hickey, founder of the company, designs and makes her unique bags and accessories out of broken skate decks combined with high-end fabric to make that worn out, rawness – look completely sleek and chic. Beck hand makes all of these wondrous pieces of art in her New York workshop making sure that the skate deck is kept in the purest form that it came in. Beck has been connected to the skate lifestyle since she was young. “Skateboarding has always fascinated me because of it’s creative, individual nature. From an artistic standpoint, I love board graphics, and when I was younger I’d spend hours at my local shop admiring every detail of artwork on the newest shipment of decks.” Says Beck.

square tote bag and iPod covers – photo cred:

Beck is also an advocate for Element Eden, who was invited into her Westside apartment/workspace for an in depth interview with her on her inspiration of the company.Getting so many broken skateboards sent to her regularly, she started a program called Boards for Bowls to encourage people to send her decks and to give back to the skate community. Beck donates to numerous non-profit organizations dedicated to building and maintaining public skateparks across the United States, for every recycled board that she receives.

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