Nixon’s Fall/Winter 2011/12 Line Up
Editor: Jessie Wade 

Nixon is one of those companies that are all about you, the customer. They care about what you want, your style, your needs, your opinions, your sense of being, YOU. They started out to make watches that reflect the style of those of us watch wearers who have a tad different outlook on what style and steeze means, compared to the rest of the world in their formal attire jobs. With locations in California and Europe, and with quite a bit of input from their Surf, Skate, Snow and Entertainment teams, Nixon designers get a great feel of what us passionate, action sports people around the world would like them to create.

 “Some people look at professional skateboarders, surfers, and snowboarders and mistakenly think they know what they’re looking at. Stereotyping can get you in trouble. Their skills are ridiculous, yes, but their experiences reach far beyond that handrail on the corner. Their actions are focused on perfecting their sports, but their interests and style are anything but focused. Their perspectives are unique, yes, but their needs are universal. It is our job to reconcile the former with the latter. Nixon hand picks those riders that are leaders in their sports and works with this elite group to make sure their perspectives contribute to a single unified expression: team designed, custom built.” – Nixon.

With their extensive research on what their customers would like in design, they are aware that women want great quality watches with style, and Nixon has made sure that their ladies side of watches and goods isn’t just up to par with the mens side of things but is their own true category to focus on. Their newly released Fall/Winter line has turned more ladies heads than we thought possible. With their vibrant and energetic colorways, Nixon does an amazing job of creating retro styles mixed with modern sophistication. Whether you are a simple, classic watch wearer, are into the upcoming, brightly colored trends, or are looking for sleek chic, to wear anywhere and everywhere – Nixon has a watch model for you. With their price points starting at $70.00 for the Vega and Time Teller P, and going up gradually to $100.00, $150.00, $200.00 +, this company is a great choice for quality and certainty.

Ceramic Watch Line Up:
Nixon recently added a few more affordable pieces into their Ceramic watch line, which they launched this past Spring and includes these three new styles for the ladies:
The Ceramic Kensington – $500.00
The Ceramic Time Teller – $450.00
The Ceramic Shutter – $275.00
Other watches in the ceramic line include: 
The Ceramic 51-30 – $2,600.00
The Ceramic 42-20 – $2,000.00
The Ceramic Player – $1,400.00
The Ceramic Debutant – $1,000.00

(Available in white or black)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Editor: Jessie Wade

“Super-ultra-posh-and-sexy. Get caught in a cat fight!” – Skullcandy
Icon Soft – Electric Animal:
These are the absolute perfect headphones if you are looking for that simple on-ear style. The softness and comfort of the ear pads will make you never want to take them off. And with the hands-free mic you can plug them into your phone, click over to calls when they beep in and then you really don’t ever have a reason to take them off! This colorway also happens to be discontinued so get them now while you still can.
2011 Riot – Purple/White/Blue
For those of you looking for those $20.00 ear buds – look no further than these new Riots. With the choice between silicone gel sizes for the buds, to the hands free mic control, and finally the 11mm speaker diameter, you will get rocked with the bass and stress free experience of the 2011 Riots. You can’t beat that for the price, style and quality especially!
2011 Lowrider – Purple/White 
Looking for a chic two-tone headphone that you can stash away in a flash? This is what Skullcandy has made for you. Not only does this colorway have a sleek design with articulating ear cups and again, the hands free in-line mic – but it folds up so quickly and easily that you can fit it into almost any small compartment while you travel, with it being safe and sound. Not having to worry if it is about to break from being shoved  in your pack at a moments notice! This is a great price for $39.99, especially with the 40mm speaker diameter.
Don’t forget to stop by your favorite local shop to get these goods! 

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