Ride Snowboards: LSD Collection

Contributor: Jenna Goldberg

Are you riding on LSD? Hana Beaman and Megan Ginter are. Got
your attention? Introducing Ride Snowboards 2012 women’s snowboard line: Ladies
Specific Design (LSD). These snowboards, bindings, boots and more are designed
for female riders who shred and need high-performance gear that offers the
perfect fit and feel. Ride Snowboards didn’t ‘shrink and pink ’ gear designed
for men, and they didn’t cut corners. The LSD Collection is built to accommodate
the female form with lightweight material design and an adjustable fit. Here’s
the scoop on some of their latest gear.

Candence Boot- This snowboard boot has a Boa Focus lacing system which
allows riders to crank the knob on the outside of the boot, find the perfect
fit, and easily make adjustments between rides. This boot keeps feet
comfortable with the Impacto insole, which will support the arch and help prevent
fatigue later. The Candence women’s boot offers a flexible fit so you can focus
on the mountain and not on sore feet or a lose boot.

Bandita Contraband Binding- Want
to add some flash to your deck? The bright Bandita Contraband binding features a slingback
highback design with a V-Grip strap that will hold your foot securely in place.
The Wedgie 2.5 footbed adds spring to your proverbial step and encourages that pop,
as you jump onto a box or catch air. Most importantly, this binding is designed
to fit a woman’s calf and snowboard boot, which will decrease soreness and
promote your natural movement.

Farah Snowboard- The
Ride Farah snowboard is built for women who charge the mountain from top to
bottom. The Hybrid All Mountain board shape offers versatility and provides a
strong, smooth ride while bombing down the hill and carving hard. The Farah is
responsive so you can ride fast and throw turns with confidence like Megan

OMG Snowboard- Like
OMG! Totally. The OMG board is built with the freestyle rider in mind.  This board has a playful rocker at the
tip and a stable camber for a clean landing. This board allows you to go big
without fear of sliding out. Need to see it to believe it? Check out Hana
Beaman, who rides the OMG 153 and has three Winter X-Games silver medals.

To see the full LSD Collection, visit their website.

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Women’s Salomon 2011/12 Snowboards:

Editor: Jessie Wade

Salomon Snowboards have 7 women’s boards in their line up this year, which to some may seem like a small number – but to others it helps us be reassured that they have worked very hard to get the quality and right styles of riding out to the world – when you have all of your styles covered, why throw in more to the mix that aren’t needed?

The Lily has been in Salomon’s line up for many years, and many more to come because of it’s beloved ride. With it’s flat profile core and soft to mid flex, this board is for you park rats that love to ollie higher and get great speed while doing so. The graphics were done by Artist Lucy McLaughlin, known world wide for her illustrative linework and figurative subjects, and praised all over from Vogue to the London’s V&A – We think this board is one of the top artistic pieces out of all the 2012 women’s snowboard line ups across the board. Retail price: $399.00

The Lark is the typical All-Mountain chick riders dream. Every year we ride this board, and every year we cannot believe how much more fun it is to ride. With a new Cross-Profile and Equalizer camber, the Lark will help you to dominate through all snow conditions. Having the equalizer sidecut will help keep you stable when you carve through whatever mother nature throws out and with a raised tip and tail you can float through powder all day long. Retail price: $349.00

Salomon’s brand new creation…the ‘Oh Yeah!’ is built for you backyard sweethearts that love to show the boys a thing or two when you’re spinning onto that rail and pressing that box out of shape. At only $349.00 – this Press-ure Rocqualizer dream will help you save your money to put towards something equally amazing. Maybe that new Bonfire jacket you’ve been eyeing up at your local shop?

Check out the full 2011/12 Salomon line up at your local shop!

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